What is Math Olympiad?
Math Olympiad is a math contest held once a month from Nov through March every year. It is a program that helps stimulate an enthusiasm and love for Mathematics, learn important Mathematical concepts, and major strategies for problem solving. It also develops student’s Mathematical flexibility in solving problems and fosters Mathematical creativity and ingenuity. Checkout the Math Olympiad website for more information.
Math Olympiad teams
Students in grades 4 and 5 will be placed in teams of 6-8 kids and will meet 1 hour a week at a location decided by the coaches. Math Olympiad team meetings begin the first week of October (the date and time are determined by the coaches). 
When are the contests?
Teams participate in monthly contests starting in November and ending in March.
Dec Jan Feb Mar
14 12 16 13 6
The children can also choose to participate in a math league contest on TBD. Go to www.mathleague.com for more details.
How do I register?
Pre-registration dates are September 5th to September 28th. We will send out an email communication when registration opens on September 5th. At that time, you will be able to use this link to pre-register your child. We will then contact families after registration closes. The cost is $60 per child to cover team registration and materials. Payment will be accepted on this website via credit card or PayPal (where you can pay straight from your checking account). If you need to pay by check or cash please contact Samantha Peele (the PTO President) to discuss options.
The number of children who can participate will be determined by the number of parents who volunteer to coach. If you want to guarantee your child a spot, sign up to be a coach! Registrations will be on a first come first serve basis.
You must be a a PTO member to participate. Click here to join the PTO.

Contact the Math Olympiad Coordinator, Jiten Garg, with any questions or comments at MOmoorefieldstationpto@gmail.com