The MSES PTO is teaming up with Kids Run the Nation to bring Sharky's Runners to our school! This is an all-inclusive program for boys and girls in grades 2 through 5. We are excited for the potential for growth and progress that each child can achieve as they put forth their best attitude and participate in weekly activities. The goals of Sharky's Runners Club includes helping children develop and/or improve in the following areas

  • Developing character skills that will carryover into other aspects of the child's life
  • Learning to keep a positive attitude, even when coping with adversity.
  • Forming friendships with others and being able to encourage and mentor one another.
  • Developing and building good sportsmanship traits by being supportive of others and celebrating others accomplishments.
  • Choosing healthy lifestyle choices and becoming more active through the sport of running.
  • Improve their physical development to help build strength and endurance, which can carryover into helping them do better in other sporting activities.
  • Learning and improving proper running form and stretching techniques
  • Develop an understanding of running
  • Identify muscles and bones used during running
  • Recognizing the importance of goal-setting, how to achieve goals, stay focused, and remain positive.

The outline for the Kids Run the Nation curriculum was developed by Road Runners Club of America and will be further developed by teachers from Moorefield Station Elementary School. Topics covered include: pacing, proper running form, fueling & hydrating, and goal setting. Registration in the program includes being able to participate in the Lace up for Learning 5k.