The PTO is in need of a Committee Chair to help organize and run Math Olympiad for the 2019-2020 school year. If we do not get a committee chair we will not be able to host this event. Contact LaNetra Tate if interested in helping us run this program.

Below is the information for the Math Olympiad Chair.

Position begins in September. 5-10 hours a month through April.
Summary of Responsibilities:
1. Participate in PTO Back to School Night to answer questions about Math Olympiad
2. Setup School Team Registration and co-ordinate with Math Olympiad Organization
3. Coordinate Weekly coaching classes, with the coaches and parents.
4. Decide and choose volunteer coaches for each class.
5. Oversee test and provide test papers, on the day of the contest.
6. Coordinate Test Evaluation with the coaches.
7. Submit Test results to Math Olympiad
8. Answer any parent questions and keep them informed of the student test scores.
9. Coordinate with Math Olympiad Organization to receive all the Team Awards.
10. Organize parent information night at the beginning of the school year.
Committee Volunteer Opportunity - Become a coach for one of the classes; Become a coach for the small team regional competition; Assist chair with coordination duties